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Before Travel


1 - I require a cabin for sole occupancy, is this ok?

There is limited availability of cabins available for sole occupancy, but we will do our best to cater for your requirements.


2 - I have reduced mobility, can I still travel?

This is on a case-by-case basis. Before booking, we require passengers with reduced mobility to mention their specific needs, so that the booking can be dealt with appropriately. CroisiEurope welcomes passengers with reduced mobility and endeavours to facilitate their access to both the facilities on board and on the available excursions. Both ships offered on our Drive & Cruise Holidays have 2 decks, with common facilities (restaurant, lounge bar, reception) on one level: the main deck, which also has cabins. However there is no lift between any of the decks or sun deck. Having said this, often ships are docked abreast another, meaning access to your ship may be via another ship. Access may be via the upper or sun deck, so you do need to be able to manage the stairs, which can often be quite steep. Some of the excursions offered can cause difficulties for people with reduced mobility (walking for several hours, destabilizing floor coverings, elevation, etc.), participation in some excursions and travel is subject to the sufficient mobility of the passenger. With the help of we may be able to arrange further assistance on request.


3 - Are tips included in the price?

Tips are not included in the cost of your holiday but are not compulsory.
Tipping habits vary from country and culture. At CroisiEurope, they are collected once at the end of the stay and shared equitably between all members of the crew. Many passengers wish to show a token of appreciation for the quality of the services and the attention they received during the cruise at all levels. A recommended tip is between €5 and €10 per day from each guest, but each passenger is, of course, free to give what they want. An envelope is left for this purpose in your cabin during your last evening on board. Slip it in the box provided at the reception of the boat before disembarking.


4 - I have a special diets and/or allergies, can this be catered for?

Most allergies and special diets can be catered for, however please inform us at the time of your booking. The ship has limited storage facilities and therefore can only carry a certain amount of food, therefore they need to know in advance.


5 - Are the cruises Adult Only?

No. , CroisiEurope is a family-friendly river cruise company. They offer special deals during summer time for children but the cruises we are offering are outside of this time, therefore it is unlikely that there will be many children on board.


6 - Can I pre-book excursions?

Of course! CroisiEurope offer an extensive range of excursions that are great ways to discover each country in detail.

To offer you the best experience, CroisiEurope offer “Classic” or “Discovery” excursion packages, the latter offering atypical tours, original themes or even helicopter flights! No matter which excursion you chose, trusted local guides will bring each destination to life with fascinating stories and insightful anecdotes! We can provide you with information on what excursions are available for your cruise, you can either pre-book a complete package or some excursions, or make a decision later and book on-board.

Life on board


7 - What are the languages on board?

The official languages in the company are French and English. Crew members and tour guides speak English fluently. They also speak other major European languages, such as German, Italian and Spanish. Indeed, CroisiEurope has more than 19 different nationalities among its employees (French, Germans, Austrians, Hungarians, Spaniards, Italians, Portuguese, Filipinos etc.) On board, menus, information about the cruise, shore excursions, and important messages are communicated in French and in English. They may also be advertised in another language, depending on the nationality of the passengers on board.


8 - What happens if I miss the start?

This can happen for various reasons: a missed alarm call, a transport strike, an accident on the road... In this case, we ask you to notify us as soon as possible by calling our 24 hour on tour emergency number. We will endeavour to do what is necessary to help you arrive safely.

9 - Can I open the window in my cabin?

Generally, the Upper Deck Cabins have slide-opening windows. On the main they are static windows, so you cannot open them.

10 - Are animals allowed on board?

No, Unfortunately animals are not accepted on board.

11 - What is the dress code on board?

During the day, you will be more comfortable in a casual outfit. We advise you to bring clothes that are not very wrinkled, or that can easily be transported after ironing at your house, because there are no ironing facilities on board our fleet. Remember to dress according to the weather, the season and the environment of your cruise: light suits and swimsuits for warm weather; sweater or jacket for cooler weather; sweatshirt, rain gear and small umbrella. Do not forget to bring comfortable walking shoes in your suitcase. They will be very useful during our excursions! Regarding dinners, cocktails and galas, it is advisable to dress up a little more without the need, for gentlemen, necessarily to wear a jacket and tie. Finally, on any excursion, when you visit places of worship, make sure to opt for an appropriate outfit, neither too light nor too undressed, so as not to be prohibited entry.

12 - What happens if I fall ill on board?

You should report any illness whilst on-board, due to the devastating effects a virus has on board a cruise ship. There is no nurse or doctor on board the boats. In the event of an emergency, the purser will contact the nearest hospital or medical service, the boat will make a stop-over so that medical care can be provided as quickly as possible to the person. A defibrillator is available on board each boat. On board, at least two people hold the Lifeguard Rescuer at Work certificate and have been trained to use this device. If you are worried about a health problem, please consult your doctor before going on your cruise and undergo a complete check-up. We remain at your disposal in case of emergency. Finally, do not forget to bring any medication (packaged in their labelled boxes) and the corresponding prescriptions. Have them renewed if necessary before your departure.

13 - Can I smoke on board?

For safety and health reasons, it is forbidden to smoke indoors on board any of our boats, as it is a closed environment. However, smokers are invited to go to the sun deck, where ashtrays are provided.

14 - What is the food like on board?

Breakfast is a continental buffet, rich and varied: pastries, cereals, coffee, tea, fruit juice, a wide selection of breads, jams, cold meats, eggs, fresh fruits and yogurts. Lunch and dinner are served at fixed times in one service. They offer a complete menu (starter - main course - dessert). Produced daily on the spot, using mainly fresh products, they are accompanied by a selection of wines chosen for their quality and their compatibility with the dishes, and are included in the price of the cruise (except wines from the specific wine list). Allergies and special diets can be catered for, when advised in advance. Please inform us at the time of your booking whether you require a special diet or suffer from allergies.

15 - How do I pay on board?

As all of your meals and selected drinks are included, there is not much you will need to pay for whilst on-board! However if you do decide to make any purchases, CroisiEurope only accept euros on board as well as payment by American Express, Visa and MasterCard.

16 - What drinks are included?

Aperitifs - Kir vin blanc • Draught lager • Bitter • Ricard •   Suze • Porto • Martini • Campari • Whiskey • Gin • Vodka •

Wine by the Glass - Sparkling wine • White wines • Rose wines • Red wines

Soft Drinks - Pepsi • Ice tea • Lemonade • Still water • Sparkling water • Fruit juice

Hot Drinks - Coffee • Tea • Herbal Tea

Spirits/Digestifs - Cognac • Brandy • Pomace Brandy

17 - Is there entertainment on-board?

The lounge-bar is where on board entertainment is hosted such as: pre-dinner games and quizzes, musical evenings and dancing, folk groups or singers, there is often variety evenings where the crew members reveal their hidden talents! And not forgetting the Gala Evening!

18 - Are there different dining times?

The dining room can serve everyone on board in a single sitting at specific times. The seating arrangements are set up on the first day and you will keep your place at the same table throughout the entire cruise.

19 - Can I book excursions once on-board?

Yes, however these are then subject to availability. The prices are slightly higher on board, we can provide you with information on what excursions are available for your cruise, as well as the prices for pre-booking and booking once on board.

20 - Do I need to book excursions?

Not at all, you may prefer to stay aboard our cruise ships and enjoy the tranquillity, CroisiEurope do offer an extensive range of excursions that are great ways to discover each country in detail. You may prefer to go alone to discover the cities, to absorb the atmosphere, there will be maps/plans available on board for you to find the more hidden landmarks at each stopover.

21 - Can I walk into the town/city from the ship?

There will be maps/plans available on board for you to find the more hidden landmarks at each stopover. However please note that the Danube and Rhine Rivers are some of the most popular rivers in Europe and welcome many ships each day into the towns and cities, therefore docking locations vary. We would love to give you an idea of where they dock, but in some cases these can vary drastically. The exact docking location is usually confirmed 4-6 weeks prior to arrival.

22 - What is the Gala Evening?

The Gala Evening is a long-awaited tradition in the world of cruising.
This is the night to dress up, although no dress code is imposed. The crew all in their dress uniform, are presented to the passengers who are invited have a pre-dinner drink with the captain in the company of the purser, and the head chef.

The chef then serves a banquet, paying a special tribute to the world of French gastronomy and the experience of CroisiEurope’s chefs in these matters. Dancing follows this gala dinner in the lounge bar.

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