Meet The Team

Jodie Logsdon

Hotel Contractor & Group Support

Jodie contracts all of the hotels featured on our scheduled and group tours and has a great relationship with our suppliers.

Mike Gentry

Route Planning & Operations Coordinator

Mike is responsible for the route planning and creation of all of our road books and researching places of interest along the way.

Bob Cole

Product & Marketing Manager

Bob is responsible for the sales and marketing activities. He is also responsible for creating most of the products featured in our tour programme.

Kieran Line

Group Relations Manager

If you're looking for somewhere to take your group, or someone to help with the organisation of your group tour, then Kieran is your man!

James Wickenden office image.jpg

James Wickenden

Sales & Operations Manager

James manages our front line operations team. We heavily entrust our company's reputation to the team, we're confident you will always find them all helpful and efficient.