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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I need a specific type of car to participate on these tours?
A. No, our tours are designed for the 'driving enthusiast' so you can bring any marque along, however due to the media in which we advertise the majority of cars that book with us are Classic, Modern Classic and Sports Cars.

Q. How many cars normally book on your tours?
A. Obviously we do not have any control over the minimum number of cars that may book on to our tours, however as a guide we would hope to have between 5 and 15 cars per tour. In the case of event led tours, i.e. Laon Historique, Spa Classic etc the number of cars participating can increase significantly.

Q. If there are only one or two cars booked would you cancel the tour?
A. We would only cancel the tour as a last resort and in most cases as long as the hotel is happy to honour our booking with them, the tour would go ahead as planned.

Q. Is our money safe with Scenic Car Tours?