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Meet Our Team

Bob Cole - Sales & Marketing Director - [email protected]

Jodie Logsdon - Hotel Contractor - [email protected]

Kieran Line - Car Club & Group Relations Manager - [email protected]

James Wickenden - Operations Manager - [email protected]

Emma Jones - Operations & Administration Co-ordinator - [email protected]

Tom Line - Junior Operations & Administration Co-ordinator - [email protected]

Michael Gentry - Route Planning & Road Book Co-ordinator - [email protected]

Michael Orr - Graphic & Web Designer - [email protected]

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce our team. From left to right - James Wickenden (Operations Manager), Emma Jones (Administration Co-ordinator), Michael Orr (Graphic & Web Designer), Tom Line (Junior Operations & Administration Co-ordinator), Mike Gentry (Route Planning & Road Book Co-ordinator), Bob Cole (Sales & Marketing Director), Jodie Logsdon (Hotel Contractor) and Kieran Line (Car Club & Group Relationship Manager).


Scenic & Continental Car Tours are committed to offering a professional but personal service alongside, a fantastic selection of well-priced and high-quality tours and events.


Bob, as his title suggests, is responsible for the sales and marketing activities. He is also responsible for creating most of the products featured on the Scenic & Continental Car Tours programme.


Kieran is our main contact for all Car Club/Group enquiries, having been with us for over 5 years, and has proved himself to be an invaluable member of the team. So if you're looking for somewhere to take your group, or someone to help with the organisation of your group tour, then Kieran is your man! Please feel free to contact him on 01732 879172.


Mike is our Road book man. responsible for the route planning and creation of all of our road books. He is always looking for new routes and researching places of interest along the way.


Jodie is resonsible for the contracting of all of the hotels featured on our scheduled and group tours. She has over 7 years experience in the travel industry and has a great relationship with our suppliers.


Michael is our in-house designer who looks after all things creative; from our website, digital marketing and print advertising to the creation of our range of tour brochures.


Inevitably you will speak to either James, Emma or Tom at some point as they are our front line for most booking enquiries and are responsible for the day to day administration of your bookings. We heavily entrust our company's reputation to James and Emma as they deal with your bookings, and we feel confident that you will find them all helpful and efficient.

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