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Hi Bob, First of all a happy new year to you all as well. And secondly thanks for the great Bruges New Years tour. Sharon and myself loved the hotel, loved our first ever trip to Bruges, and a chance to tick of The Netherlands in our MX5, and especially enjoyed the fabulous meal on new years eve. I can honestly say I ate several things i would usually hesitate to even look at but found it all a real treat and returned and empty plate to the kitchen every time, an unforgettable experience, thanks you again. Martin Curtis MX-5 OWNERS CLUB

Hi Bob, We really enjoyed the New Years trip to Brugge, the evening meal & music were great, the only complaint would be the lighting in the rooms but that is neither here nor there. Would like a different venue next year as do not like doing the same thing twice even when it was excellent. Best regards David & Marny

May Ruth and I plus our friends thank everyone for a great New Year trip - the hotel is excellent and the New Years Eve Dinner and entertainment was so much better organised than when we came in 2012/13. All four of us thoroughly enjoyed the trip and certainly intend coming this coming again next New Year! Once again, thank you for a great trip - we look forward to Laon. Regards David Coulton

Hi Bob, Just got back from the Classic Ford Dutch Tour. I must say, an excellent hotel, superb location and can't fault the food. The boat trip was an added bonus, most entertaining and gave us all a break from driving (for those who went on it) and the itinerary contained many interesting places to visit.  We all agreed it was a fantastic weekend and the essence of the Classic Ford tour after all these years is that it has become a fantastic reunion for some whilst still attracting new people.  

Best regards Jono

We are with you at the Spa Classic. Superb organisation. Great hotel. We are having a great time and cannot thank you enough. Ian Clarke

Hi Bob, This was the forth trip to Laon for us and this was without doubt the best prepared one - Scenic did us proud with careful attention to detail and just the right amount of back up information it was just a pleasure - and when Mark greeted us in the Hotel car park - it was just a perfect start to the week end. Best regards Barry and Jean

Hello Kieran, We have justvreturned from the Jersey International Motoring Festival and I cannot think of one negative thing to comment on, everything was superb. It was nice to have the comfy seats at the front of the ferry for the return trip, that was something that hadn't occurred to us as a group, but they were very welcome. The accommodation at the Merton hotel was very well appointed and comfortable. The food was of top quality, varied, and there was plenty of it for those that desired more ! The one thing that stood out above all at the hotel was the attitude of the staff, they were smiling, polite and willing to help with anything that was required. I can honestly say that from all 14 of my party I did not hear one complaint, derogatory comment or murmur of dissatisfaction, for that reason this made my wife's and my stay so much more relaxed. It was also nice to see Joy and James around the venues on the island and we bumped into them several times. They were good company and took an interest in our own itinerary for the weekend. A good job well done from all concerned at Scenic and Continental Cars Tours, thank you all very much. Best Regards, Phil.

Hi Kieran, We all arrived home safe and sound after a very enjoyable tour to Guernsey & Jersey.  Both hotels were good and suited our purposes.  I think everyone thought the food and service was also good.  We enjoyed warm and sunny weather most days so that made a big difference.  Unfortunately, we left Guernsey on the day the island was holding it’s biggest classic car show which would have been interesting to attend and maybe exhibit our cars.  Running the tour just outside of the main tourist season was a big advantage as the roads were quieter and you were able to park easily at most locations which, we understand, is more difficult during the peak season.  All the ferry crossings went according to plan and we enjoyed relatively calm sea conditions although I hear the crossings can be very uncomfortable on the fast ferry during rough seas.  I don’t have anything negative to say about the tour and would be happy to recommend it to others. Regards - Joe

Just returned from the Black forest, I didn't fill in your questionnaire but can tell you we had a great time, everything went very smoothly, hotels were good and the hotel in Honberg was wonderful apart from being in the 3rd.floor with no lift, next time will pay the extra for a lower floor which I didn't know was possible. However on a lighter note please send me hard copy of all the particulars on the Italian lakes need to drive that pass and something I have always wanted to do. Next year a must.

Also nice group of people on the trip different cars, so not just boring Mercedes talk. Regards Bill Bryce


Morning Kieran , Just a quick line to thank you for the arrangements for the SPA Classic weekend, everything went very well , ferry hotel etc and Nick and the other Guys want to just pass on our message as to how much we enjoyed this weekend in Belgium. The Carat Hotel in Germany was very good too.Only challenge to us was that the JAG refused to start before the off , typical!  - obviously the British car didn't fancy a trip to Belgium!!,  so we had to switch cars for the journey, but no problem with ferry either way.  Many thanks, Roger Garnham

Dear Bob and Team,  Thank you for a very enjoyable and professionally organised holiday to Laon Historique 2015 by yourselves and we would appreciate you circulating our thanks to the rest of your colleagues involved with this.  Thank you also for arranging our ferry crossing home earlier than the time previously organised.   We received exceptionally good service as we did when we went to Lake Garda in September 2013. We look forward very much to travelling with your Company again. With kind regards. Phil and Lex John


Hi Kieran, We've just returned from the Jersey Motoring Festival.  The trip was brilliant no complaints at all, the Merton hotel was really exceptional and the staff very friendly and accommodating. Food and rooms were excellent we were all saying how surprised we were that it was only classed as 3* we think it deserves a higher rating. The ferry was very rough seas on the way home on Tuesday so having the allocated seat really made a difference to our comfort. James and Joy did an excellent job please thank them for us; we made lots of new friends from the other Scenic car travellers. This is the 2nd trip with your company and it won't be the last, we will definitely recommend you to all our friends. Once again many thanks for a great time. Best wishes Linda & Kelvin

Hi Kieran, Our trip to the Isle of Man went very well indeed . Thank you for arranging such good weather and not the least a superb ferry crossing! Hotel was excellent and the staff there were superb. Only comment would be that the mattress in our room was past its sell by date otherwise could not fault it. All our group was of same opinion.  Regards, Grantham


Kieran, Got home yesterday morning, all in one piece. Only one Lotus had to be repatriated due to a gearbox fault but the owner had adequate cover and completed the tour in a brand new VW Golf, Details to follow later as not as straight forward as one would have liked. Good recommendation for others who might be tempted to skimp this essential item, but read the small print.  Everyone had a thoroughly enjoyable tour and the accolades came thick and fast. We did all the 5 Alpnie passes without incident which the old Lotus cars took in their stride. The photo with the ladies next to the cars is at the summit of the Stevio Pass. The Golf, Mini and Aston Martin cars parked elasewhere. The hotels visited were well chosen and gave good service, particularly the Hotel Lorio at Como. The owners baked  a cake especially for our party for dinner on our last day, see first photo. The Hotel Lorio owners sent me an e mail expressing their thanks for me sending them the photo of the cake. All in all a great holiday but now feeling the affects and am now taking it easy to recover what can only be expressed as a holiday of a lifetime. The ladies loved it especially the boat trips on Lake Como, not to  mention the shopping in Como and Bellagio. I have thousands of photographic memories to go through so when I have had time to go through them all I will send some over to you you. In the mean time have a few for getting on with. Thanks again for arranging this tour which everyone who went on would highly recommend to others. The information packs were without doubt a really good complilation of useful information and good route maps. An upto date TOM TOM or equivalent was found to be helpfull especually with modern continental road systems. I remember once upon a time driving all the way to St Tropez South of France without much more than an RAC Route book, but then it took us much longer.  Our people look forward to travelling with you again possibly next year as they expressed their thanks to me for organising the  tour on their behalf. You can certainly contact all the other people if you so wish to get their personal thoughts. Thanks again and all the best. Gordon & Johanna Lund

Bob, Just a few comments about the holiday you organised for us: The travel arrangements were, as usual, perfect. The “travel pack” was about as good as could be done with just the right amount of guidance. The suggested itinerary during the stay at Lake Garda again was about as good as you could get. The hotel at San Felice was superb; the staff there were very helpful, even the painfully shy  “Mr. Grumpy” on reception was smiling by the end of our stay and he helped me a great deal to find a tub of grease in Salo to re-pack a slightly loose front wheel bearing on the Volvo soon after we arrived. The only downside was the hotel in Weggis. The place is a bit run-down and the food left a great deal to be desired. Everything served for our evening meal was either frozen catering pack stuff or from a tin with the vegetables boiled down to an unpalatable multi-coloured mush. The only exception to this were the green leaves in the salads. At night at all the hotels we stayed at, it had become our custom to take the duvet cover off and just sleep under that because it was too hot otherwise. At The Schweitzerhof, one of our duvets was stained with blood at one end and the other one looked like it had been used to clean the floor. I took this up with the female camp commandant the next morning and she just shrugged her shoulders saying she would mention it to the owner. We were also told we could not have breakfast before 8.00 am and could not check out before 9.00 am but one of the couples on our tour just left early anyway without breakfast because they couldn’t face any more of the poor food there. The final straw was when they tried to charge me for a beer I didn’t have! Contrast that with our final night at The Gulliver in Bascharage which was perfect. The staff couldn’t have been more helpful, the rooms were clean and very comfortable and the food first-class. I understand from James that the matter is already under investigation as a number of the other participants have made similar comments and I look forward to hearing what transpires. Best wishes, Chris & Jan Powis.

Hi Kieran, The Club Tour to Munich was much better than I had expected in every way. I had no complaints from anyone on the trip, though I made a couple of notes for you for future use. Everyone enjoyed the whole process, even if they damaged their cars (2) or got fined for speeding (1) or were stopped by the French Customs (1 – three times). I just put on weight and enjoyed myself. For future reference, all the hotels were of a good standard, although the one in Gent (Holiday Inn) was difficult to find.  The Munich Hotel was second to none, and the others were great. Your paperwork was also great, so give your staff a thumbs up from all of us. By the way – a special thanks to your 24 hour service – they did a great job. Best wishes Howard Walker Communications Director, BMW Car Club GB Ltd

Hello Nicola, This note is very long overdue and for that I apologize deeply with the most sincerest of good intent only.  First I must preface my remarks by stating that I am extremely versed the the Travel and Tour businesses, abit here on our side of the Atlantic, having owned a "mini chain" of Retail Travel Agencies in New York many years ago AND, functioning as the Director of Sales, and Vice President of Sales for Hotels and Cruise Lines here in Florida!  I know "the business" and, more importantly, I know "service"; good, bad or otherwise. Simply stated, the Scenic & Continental Car Tours, Causeway Costal Route tour, I experienced in late June with by son, could very well be THE BEST TOUR ORGANIZED Program I have ever experienced! Pre-trip Details, actual routes, mapping, suggestions, documentation  and accommodations were outstanding and flawless. And to add , the outstanding and extremely timely service provided by one MS. Nicola Bozier. Thank you for doing what you do and doing it so well. And this is from a guy, me, who loves and somewhat "collects" maps AND is the organizer of local South Florida 1/2 day Annual Vintage/Classic & Sports/Exotic Car Rallye.  As you may recall, Samuel ( my son ) and I spent two day after the Causeway Tour in Dublin, then ferried over to Wales where we did a Black Mts. Vintage car Rallye with the Brennan Motor Club before then spending almost two more weeks in the the Uk visiting Automobile Museums and Theaters before ending up for four nights in London. My only regret if any, we couldn't seem to find an extra hour or so to pop into your offices and say hello! I hope to be pleased to be a repeat client sometime in the future. I am hopefull that you will kindly pass this correspondence along to you Directors or, provide me the proper contacts so I may. Wishing you all the best, Michael A. Cohen, Plantation, Florida, USA

Hi! I have just filled in the feedback online survey for the Wonders of Wales trip I was on recently. I’d like to add this too; that the other drivers I met (and their partners) were all very nice people and we all got on very well. The “free to roam” organisation of the tour left us all free to go at our own pace and make individual plans if desired. We really liked that style of arrangement. The Metropole was an excellent choice of hotel and we were all treated brilliantly. We chose the Wonders of Wales trip as we had not gone on a car tour before and wanted to “dip our toes in” to see what it would be like. Also my father is 80 years old and we didn’t want to be going abroad, and with a previous knowledge of Wales, it seemed the ideal choice. We are so glad we decided on it, and look forward to repeating the experience, or perhaps another similar UK-based tour, next year. Many thanks for everything! Antony McEwan, Highlands Astronomical Society

Dear Nicola, It’s just over a month since we returned from our Scenic and Continental Tours holiday to Lake Como via the Stelvio Pass and since returning, we haven’t stopped talking about it. The trip was absolutely superb and we thoroughly enjoyed it. It is very hard to say which things we enjoyed the most, but there are some things which are noteworthy: - the route book was absolutely superb, but the importance of receiving it in good time cannot be over emphasised.  Ours was a little delayed, so we pounced on it as soon as it arrived and we’re very glad we did.  It contains a huge amount of valuable information on things to see (too many, in fact to see all of them), but it allowed us to pick the things we wanted to see (some that we perhaps wouldn’t have been aware of had it not been for the route book) & plan accordingly.  Illustratively, we booked seats on the Bernina Express before leaving home, we purchased our vignette in advance, we planned our travel to include a stop at the Rhine Falls, we planned our daily departure times from each hotel to take account of the distance to be covered and the things we particularly wanted to see that day.  Were we not intimately familiar with the route book, we might have struggled.  The maps were spot on and the GPS coordinates were invaluable. The hotels were first class and everything worked like clockwork.  Yes, we were on what is clearly a well-trodden path of Scenic and Continental tours, but we never felt that we were ‘conveyor belt’ guests.  We were treated superbly at every hotel; the rooms at every hotel were excellent – particularly the lake view rooms at the Hotel Lumin; the food we were served never fell below ‘good’ and was usually well above that.  We couldn’t fault any of it. How well you get on with the other guests on the trip is outside the control of Scenic and Continental Car Tours’ control, and you’re never going to be best friends with everyone you meet.  In this case, we found the group to be a decent mix and we really enjoyed the fact we didn’t live in one another’s pockets but that we came together at breakfast and dinner to exchange notes and share ideas. Overall, this was a first rate holiday.  We felt that Scenic and Continental’s organisation of the holiday was first class.  Prior to departure, we were kept fully informed and when we needed to contact you to query anything or, in our case, upgrade to lake view rooms at the Hotel Lumin, we received an immediate response or very prompt action. We have already recommended Scenic and Continental to several friends and we would feel 100% comfortable about booking another holiday with you. Thank you for providing a first rate holiday! Roger & Elizabeth Schofield


Hi James, We have just returned from the New Zealand Tour. It was good value for money, especially with breakfasts included, which is a must as you could run up a big bill at some hotels. We found the car hire staff friendly and helpful and we got the car we expected. It was comfortable and in good condition with 11k km on the clock.The hotels were a of a very good standard and well located and The Milford Sound cruise boat was perfect, it was small with friendly staff, also an early sailing was good as it gets very crowded later on. All in all we had a wonderful holiday and would recommend this tour to anyone. Regards, Paul & Felicity Jones